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Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
Scalable API for facial
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Advanced face liveness detection for digital onboarding and KYC
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Image API

API for face detection, identification, verification, liveness, gender, age and emotion recognition. Compatible with any programming language and available in cloud or on-prem version.
3DiVi image API can work in apps written in any programming language to successfully recognize persons and analyze big image data.
3DiVi Image API recognizes faces and silhouettes, detects persons' gender, age, emotional state, checks for liveness, estimates image quality, determines face tilt angle and position in a frame, mask presence and eyelid position (open/closed eyes), and provides face matching.

Key features

  • Analysis of images from any source
    3DiVi Image API is equally good at parsing data arrays hosted both on a local server and in the Internet.
  • Result is returned in JSON format
    After analyzing the image, the image API returns the result of the analysis (information about a person or a data sample) in JSON format.
  • Simple integration with existing apps
    3DiVi Image API is a well-documented REST API, so it can be used in apps written in any programming language.


  • 3DiVi Image API can detect faces of already known lawbreakers in photos and estimate overall situation in vehicle interior or cabin using a series of photos. Image API can notice that a driver was distracted from the road, smoking or talking on the phone.
  • 3DiVi Image API can analyze the routes of visitors, their age, gender and emotions using photos of the sales area. Received data can help to efficiently place retail outlets for specialized goods and display targeted ads.
  • 3DiVi Image API allows users of different services to pass remote face registration and
    authorization from any device, equipped with a camera (desktop, smartphone). Multilevel control system with liveness check ensures the reliability of client
    remote authentication and identification.
  • 3DiVi Image API-based apps will help to provide an instant pass through the checkpoints or get access to corporate networks for your customers and employees.
  • In the time of high hygiene requirements, remote payment
    becomes the accepted standard. Companies from all sectors of the economy can use 3DiVi Image API-based apps as a bio-acquiring tool to pay for goods in retail stores using face biometrics.
  • Software Development
    Software developers can use 3DiVi Image API to build their own apps using advanced AI and machine learning technologies, or integrate it into existing apps to improve business performance.

Success stories

  • Face recognition of blacklisted visitors in casinos
    Omnigo Software
  • Adding face recognition to video management system (VMS)
  • KYC Liveness and Anti-spoofing for Digital Identity
    Mobile-Technologies Inc.
  • Adding face recognition to the national APFIS biometric system
    Papillon APFIS
  • Providing audience analytics to digital signage CMS
    Unique Technologies
  • Access control system with 3D face recognition terminals
    Papillon ACS


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