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KYC Liveness and Anti-spoofing for Digital Identity

Mobile-Technologies Inc.

About Mobile-Technologies Inc.

Mobile-Technologies is a world class leader in secure KYC and digital identity, serving government agencies and mobile operators since 2010. Mobile-Technologies is considered an industry leader in biometric solutions and devices, regulatory compliance, SIM registration, KYC audit, and KYC as a Service.

They have more than 45 references with operators and governments around the world including 100% market share in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Benin and other markets where they are recognized and accredited as a solution provider for KYC systems by national regulators.

Mobile-Technologies is CMMI Level 3 and ISO27001 certified.



Mobile-Technologies is constantly improving its flagship product "Intelligent Registration management" that requires the full stack biometric engine. Facial verification and aliveness is an evolving technology and poses a challenge to maintain and keep up to date. So a reliable and trustworthy technology partner was required.


Mobile-Technologies shortlisted and tested three vendors for facial verification against an extensive selection criteria such as robustness, commercial offering, technology compatibility and partner reputation.


Mobile-Technologies has selected 3DiVi for facial liveness and verification as part of their solution offering and a major component of their biometric engine. In March 2020 Mobile-Technologies implemented the solution at one of their major customers in Africa with great success and customer satisfaction.

Products used

A set of development tools to create applications that recognize human faces and silhouettes, determine their gender, age and emotional state with active or passive liveness check.

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