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Face recognition Accuracy

NIST FRVT 1:1 Performance Summary
VISA - Full Frontal image type. The images are of size 252x300 pixels. The mean interocular distance (IOD) is 69 pixels.
Mugshot - Full Frontal image type. The images are of variable sizes. The mean IOD is 113 pixels.
Border - The images are taken with a camera oriented by an attendant toward a cooperating subject. This is done under time constraints so there are role, pitch and yaw angle variations. Also background illumination is sometimes strong, so the face is under-exposed. There is some perspective distortion due to close range images. Some faces are partially cropped.
Wild - The images include many photojournalism-style images. Resolution varies very widely. The images are very unconstrained, with wide yaw and pitch pose variation. Faces can be occluded, including hair and hands.
Face Recognition Accuracy (TAR, %)
For different algorithms (methods)
Memory Characteristics
* – the amount of memory consumed does not depend on the number of the Recognizer objects created by this method
Performance parameters
For Desktop
For Mobile
Note: Google Pixel 3 was used for the speed test.
Accuracy of Face Attributes Detection
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