AI Computer Vision
3D body (skeletal) tracking middleware
Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
Scalable API for facial
and body recognition
Advanced face liveness detection for digital onboarding and KYC
AI video analytics platform
for human activity recognition
Machine learning framework
for computer vision
Edge AI hardware
for face and body tracking

Digital Onboarding & KYC

3DiVi software for remote face identification allow to provide remote services to the customers all over the world.
Recognition accuracy confirmed
< 1 s
Time to find a match in the list of 50,000,000 faces
10 ms
Minimum time to extract a face biometric template

Use innovative biometrics to develop remote services!

  • Fraud prevention
    Multilevel protection against forgery ensures the security of remote transactions and excludes financial, temporary and reputational losses from fraudsters' actions.
  • Remote services
    Remote identification allows to speed up and simplify provision of services, save company and customer's resources, and increase the availability of services.
  • Customer due diligence
    3DiVi algorithms compare customer's face with the faces of known lawbreakers, unscrupulous borrowers and other blacklisted persons that reduces the cost of manual checks.


  • Financial organizations
    Remote financial services. Accelerated operations for opening / closing accounts, making money transfers, issuing loans. Service for persons with disabilities. Implementation and development of electronic document management services.
  • State organizations
    Remote state services available 24/7. Reduced service provision terms and financial costs of citizens and legal entities. Elimination of time-consuming bureaucracy and reduction of corruption risks. Increased availability of state and municipal services.

  • Telecom operators
    Remote communication services. Accelerated and improved customer service. Reduced customer service costs.
  • Commercial organizations (tour operators, insurance companies and carsharing)
    Remote services. Customer service improved by saving customers' financial and time resources. Increased availability of products and services. Increased transparency of operations, prevention of the fraud risks.


  • High-quality identification
    Neural network, designed specifically for the remote identification with respect to photo quality and its sources, as well as user demographics.
  • Incoming photo quality control
    Tools for controlling face overlapping, illumination, blurring, focusing, face size and rotation angles to select the most suitable photos for identification.
  • Complex liveness check
    A unique set of tools that allows to perform active or passive liveness checks and distinguish a real live person from deepfakes, masks, videos or stolen biometric templates.
  • Automated KYC control
    Stream transfer from points of customer interaction to the server. Recording and storage of authorization video (including evidence, if necessary). Storages for all sessions to detect and prevent repeated attacks.
  • Integration of face recognition to any device
    Tools and solutions for porting technologies to various devices (including low-performance ones): personal computers (launching at a web browser), smartphones and tablets, terminals and kiosks, smart cameras, single-board computers. Support for RGB, IR and 3D cameras. 

Success Stories

  • Face recognition of blacklisted visitors in casinos
    Omnigo Software
  • Adding face recognition to video management system (VMS)
  • KYC Liveness and Anti-spoofing for Digital Identity
    Mobile-Technologies Inc.
  • Adding face recognition to the national APFIS biometric system
    Papillon APFIS
  • Providing audience analytics to digital signage CMS
    Unique Technologies
  • Access control system with 3D face recognition terminals
    Papillon ACS

Products used

  • Multi-object video analytics platform to recognize faces and silhouettes. The platform detects faces, silhouettes, objects and situations, reacts to them in real time and saves the event history.
  • API for successful human recognition and analysis of big image data. Compatible with any programming language.
  • 3DiVi Face SDK is a set of development tools to create applications that recognize human faces and silhouettes, determine their gender, age and emotional state with active or passive liveness check.
  • Set of components for remote identification.
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