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Access Control

3DiVi face identification algorithms for ACS and work time tracking systems at enterprises of any size and security level allow you to protect material and information resources, monitor the execution of job descriptions and regulations, prevent emergency situations and organize a simple and reliable procedure for visitor registration and passing.
Recognition accuracy confirmed
< 1 s
Time to find a match in the list of 50,000,000 faces
10 ms
Minimum time to extract a face biometric template

Use video analytics to secure your business!

  • Access control
    3DiVi Face recognition technology is used for access control in a variety of settings, including offices, airports, and residential buildings. Sophisticated algorithms allow analyzing and matching an individual's facial features against a pre-existing database of authorized users to grant access to the individual, while denying entry to unauthorized individuals. 3DiVi Face recognition Increases security, improves accuracy, and accelerates processing times eliminating the need for traditional methods of access control, such as keys or access cards, which can be lost, stolen, or duplicated.
  • Work time tracking
    3DiVi face recognition allows employees to clock in and out of work by simply having their face scanned by a camera or a mobile device. The system then uses advanced algorithms to accurately identify each employee, which eliminates the need for manual time tracking and reduces the potential for errors. Face recognition technology also enables employers to track employee attendance and work hours more accurately, which can improve scheduling and reduce labor costs.
  • Registration of visitors
    Face identification in automated visitor registration systems allows to avoid queues and problems with RFID cards (lost, broken or stolen cards), and makes it possible to personalize interaction with the guests.
  • Blacklists
    The manager can create lists of unwanted persons or set up access schedules for employees working in shifts. Face identification excludes the possibility to enter with someone else's pass or RFID card.


3DiVi products are easily scalable and can be used by companies with any number of employees and in any working conditions - from the office of a small commercial firm to a large-scale production facility, federal institution or a distributed branch network.
  • Industrial companies
    Access control to the external and internal perimeters for employees and visitors with different access levels. Error-free tracking of working hours. Control of safety rules (control of wearing masks, overalls, hard hats etc.).
  • Business centers and institutions
    Access control of employees with different access levels. Convenient automated access system for visitors (including the remote registration). Timely detection and prohibition of access for lawbreakers known from databases and potentially dangerous persons. Detection of potentially dangerous items (weapons).
  • Transport and infrastructure facilities
    Biometric access control system with regard to the state transport security standards. Identification of lawbreakers known from the photobanks of special services, and tracking their movements in human flow.
  • Restaurants, hotels and casinos
    Unified video analytics system for monitoring guests and staff. Identification of specific persons in the flow of visitors, for example, VIPs or unwanted persons. Access denial for known lawbreakers. Work time tracking system that is flexibly customizable for employees' shift schedules and does not require cards, keys or other physical media.


  • High-speed identification
    3DiVi algorithms identify a person or an event in less than half a second using proprietary AI-based technology.
  • High accuracy
    Accuracy of 3DiVi algorithms is confirmed by NIST.
  • Instant reaction to events
    3DiVi algorithms analyze video streams in real-time mode. When any significant event occurs, they send a signal to an operator or security service and record it in a report.
  • Protection against forgery or human factor
    The algorithm cannot be bribed or tricked, and the face is impossible to submit or steal. The system of active and passive anti-spoofing eliminates the possibility of forgery.
  • Contactless identification in any conditions
    3DiVi algorithms recognize a person by face and integrate with any video cameras placed in the dark or in bright light, indoors or outdoors.
  • Flexible integration capabilities
    Processing video streams from any types of cameras. Compatibility with devices of any power (including smartphones). Integration with any information systems via a convenient and well-documented API.

Success Stories

  • Face recognition of blacklisted visitors in casinos
    Omnigo Software
  • Adding face recognition to video management system (VMS)
  • KYC Liveness and Anti-spoofing for Digital Identity
    Mobile-Technologies Inc.
  • Adding face recognition to the national APFIS biometric system
    Papillon APFIS
  • Providing audience analytics to digital signage CMS
    Unique Technologies
  • Access control system with 3D face recognition terminals
    Papillon ACS

Products used

  • Multi-object video analytics platform recognizes faces, silhouettes, objects and situations, reacts to them in real time and saves the event history.
  • API for successful human recognition and analysis of big image data. Compatible with any programming language.
  • A set of development tools to create applications that recognize human faces and silhouettes, determine their gender, age and emotional state with active or passive liveness check.
  • Smart camera system with built-in video analytics that recognizes faces, silhouettes, objects and situations offline without persistent connection to a remote server or operator control.
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