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OMNI Platform

Multi-object video analytics platform that recognizes faces, silhouettes, objects
OMNI Platform is multi-object video analytics platform for face and silhouette recognition.
The platform detects faces, silhouettes, objects and situations, reacts to them in real time and saves the event history.
The platform is compatible with all types of cameras and devices and can be used to meet state, business and private needs.

Key features

  • Instant detection of faces, silhouettes, objects and situations using 3DiVi AI technology
  • Accurate identification of persons wearing masks, headwear or scarves. Accuracy of algorithms is confirmed by NIST!
  • Processing of video streams from any cameras, compatibility of devices with any capacity (including smartphones)
  • Instant reaction to significant event in real time and saving of event history
  • Quick installation and user-friendly interface
  • Integration with any information systems via convenient and well-documented API
  • Flexible adaptation to any customer's needs


  • OMNI Platform identifies people by silhouettes and faces, implements inter-camera tracking, that is, “follows” a person from camera to camera, recognizes potentially dangerous situations such as person falling, alarm gesture, panic.
  • OMNI Platform allows to detect lawbreakers already known from the databases and monitor their routes. The platform can be successfully used for control over passenger and driver behavior. In other words, it can timely notice that a driver is distracted from the road or falling asleep, notify of smoking in vehicle or talking on mobile phone.
  • OMNI Platform tracks the routes of visitors in the sales area, defines their gender and age, sends real-time notifications about unwanted visitors or VIPs entering the store, and allows to instantly launch targeted ads in the visibility area of your target audience.
  • OMNI Platform can work as part of ACS and in access systems (including remote access) for the internal information resources. The platform can be successfully used to organize an instant pass through the checkpoints or provide access to corporate networks for your customers and employees. The built-in effective anti-spoofing system will ensure access security.
  • In the time of high hygiene requirements, remote payment becomes the accepted standard. Companies from all sectors of the economy can use OMNI Platform as a bio-acquiring tool to pay for goods in retail stores using face biometrics. OMNI Platform algorithms can be successfully executed on payment terminals, as well as in any cash register systems.

  • OMNI Platform allows users of different services to pass remote face registration and authorization from any device, equipped with a camera (desktop, smartphone). Multilevel control system with liveness check and automated search for unwanted persons in the databases, ensures the reliability of customer remote authentication and identification.
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