AI Computer Vision
3D body (skeletal) tracking middleware
Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
Scalable API for facial
and body recognition
Advanced face liveness detection for digital onboarding and KYC
AI video analytics platform
for human activity recognition
Machine learning framework
for computer vision
Edge AI hardware
for face and body tracking


3DiVi Inc. is a leading developer of algorithms and software for multi-object video analytics. 3DiVi technologies for face, silhouette, object and situation recognition are integrated with any video cameras and allow solving a wide range of business tasks.

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  • 3DiVi software processes video streams from hundreds of cameras, identifies lawbreakers known from databases in the flow of passers-by, tracks and analyses their movements (running, falling, fighting, “alarm” gesture). The system can identify dangerous items (weapons or unattended bags) and emergency situations.
  • 3DiVi products are used in vehicles or at transport infrastructure facilities to control over passenger and driver behavior and prevent potentially dangerous situations in real time. Among the recognized patterns are over-fatigue or inadequate actions of the driver, talking on a mobile phone, smoking indoors, etc.
  • 3DiVi face recognition technology can be used in retail settings to personalize the shopping experience and offer targeted promotions or discounts to customers. As well as to gather data on customer demographics and preferences, which can be then used to tailor marketing efforts and improve the customer experience.
  • Tools for identifying a person by individual biometric features enable remote provision of a wide range of financial and social services through smartphones, tablets or any other devices equipped with cameras. Embedded active and passive anti-spoofing system protects against live face substitutes.
  • 3DiVi face recognition technology can be used to grant or deny access to buildings, facilities, or events based on facial recognition. For example, it could be used to allow only authorized personnel to enter a secure area, or to verify the identity of attendees at a ticketed event.
  • 3DiVi biometric solutions can be used for face payments at checkouts, as well as for accepting payments and performing other financial transactions using biometric vending machines or ATMs. The reliability of 3DiVi algorithms is confirmed by NIST, and active and passive anti-spoofing system reliably protects against forgery.
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