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Protect access to your workplace with facial security
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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.

Biometric Facial Security System

Protect access to your workplace with facial recognition

Where is BFS Applied?

Protecting workplaces where sensitive or commercial information is handled. Workplaces that are accessed by a large number of employees or where there is staff turnover when working remotely.
Banking and Finance
Security of internal transactions, financial records
and customer data
Protection of electronic health records
Public authorities
Protection of state secrets and personal data of citizens
Ensuring the integrity of network infrastructure and customer data
Logistics information security
Legal services
Case confidentiality protection


  • Complete Data Privacy
    Our systems provide impenetrable protection for your data, preventing it from being transferred to external systems. This ensures the absolute confidentiality and security of your company's information
  • Robust Real-time Monitoring
    Our system constantly monitors that each workstation has exactly the authorized user who is supposed to be there, preventing any unauthorized access attempts
  • Cost-effective Comprehensive Solution
    For a one-time payment of $10,000, BFS gives you unlimited access to any number of workstations, ensuring cost optimization and increased productivity at no additional cost to you
  • Improved Security for Remote Work
    With BFS, remote connectivity via RDP and VNC is made safer by automatically disabling the monitor screen, eliminating third-party visual access to your work and enhancing privacy
  • Advanced Cyber Threat Protection
    BFS offers effective mechanisms to block unauthorized access attempts and the use of other people's credentials, providing comprehensive protection against today's cyber threats

Unique Functionality

  • Expanding “Zero Trust”
    We have expanded the understanding of Zero Trust Architecture. And now this approach can be voiced as "trusts no device and no user by default". The BFS security layer does not end when the user is authorized, but continues throughout the user's time at the workstation to ensure that the authorized user has not passed on access to third parties
  • Flexible Event Response System
    BFS enhances the security of your workplaces by automatically saving photos in case of any unauthorized access attempts. In addition, the system sends immediate notifications to the guard post or your SIEM system, providing instant response and threat prevention. This feature not only enhances protection, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your security is well guarded
  • Ability to Integrate
with Higher-level Security Systems (SIEM)
    BFS provides seamless integration with leading SIEM (Security information and event management) systems, offering ease and efficiency in security management. This key benefit allows you to maximize protection and simplify security monitoring, ensuring that your security system operates reliably and harmoniously
  • Easy Integration into Existing Infrastructure
    BFS offers a custom application for image capture and data acquisition. Providing easy integration into various infrastructures

Innovative Solutions

Specially trained recognition model for a specific business application
BFS leverages an advanced facial recognition algorithm designed specifically for identifying a user at a personal computer. This NIST-recognized recognition algorithm, which takes into account the specific quality and source of the photo, allows users' face images to be searched and compared across the system with high accuracy and in seconds
Improved integrated photo quality assessment model, to control the environment and recognition error rate
Quality control is a core element of this class of systems and is endorsed in regulatory requirements. BFS collects specialized data to build the user's trust level, reacting to changes in the environment and level of interaction, which allows to effectively respond to potential threats
A set of liveness checks
We utilize the proprietary developments of lafness cascades. BFS provides strong protection against printed photos, masks and video playback with multiple tamper proof algorithms, ensuring a high degree of security
Quality control is a core element of this class of systems and is authorized in the requirements of regulatory documents. For example: "Remote Identity Proofing - Attacks & Countermeasures" from the European Union Cybersecurity Agency, ENISA.

BFS Architecture

BFS Features

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