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Audience Analytics and Digital Signage CMS

Unique Technologies
About Unique Technologies
Unique Technologies is one of the leading solution providers for telecom operators in Eastern Europe. One of the company's products is a content management system (CMS) for digital signage.



Company was interested to collect viewing statistics and display targeted ads. Unique technologies decided to expand product functionality by integrating anonymous audience analytics to recognize viewer's gender, age, emotions, and to count the attention time, that helped their clients to get a full picture of how interesting their advertising content is and adapt advertising campaigns based on the statistics obtained.


Unique Technologies tested the analytics solutions of a number of companies, and chose Seemetrix solution developed by 3DiVi. Seemetrix allows to collect gender, age group, attention time, emotions of viewers. All statistic data is available in the personal account. Key advantages of Seemetrix turned out to be: support of low powered devices, 100% anonymity of the solution and the high stability of work that is very important for the digital signage market where devices work 24/7.


Unique Technologies integrated Seemetrix using REST API and developed their own branded dashboard. After quick integration with Seemetrix the company installed 110 screens in the Lukoil gas station network in Bulgaria. These screens had advertising content running while the built-in cameras collected viewing analytics. Advertisers appreciated the effect of using analytics - for example, VISA conducted a brand advertising campaign and, after receiving data on views, VISA optimized the advertising budget at gas stations in other networks by creating profiles of real attendance of gas stations depending on the place and time of the day.

Another advertiser, the top snack manufacturer, increased sales by 6.5% by displaying gender-targeted ads.
We received a positive response from advertisers, for example, by displaying gender-targeted ads, triggered by 3DiVi Seemetrix solution, one of our clients (snack manufacturer) reported a 6.5% increase in sales
Dmitry Baltrukov
Development Director, Unique Technologies (Digital signage operator)

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