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Detect and track human faces, silhouettes, skeletal joints and activities to take action
Compatible with any camera or computing device
For public, business
or private use
AI Computer Vision
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With OMNI Platform
Your IP Camera Will:

Detect human faces, silhouettes, and activities in a wink with TOP 20 NIST algorithm
Accurately identify and track people between cameras (re-ID)
Instantly detect activities and notify you in real time

Use OMNI Platform for

  • To recognize human activities and potentially dangerous situations such as person falling, alarm gesture, panic.
  • To control passenger and driver behavior: falling asleep, smoking rules violation or talking on a mobile phone.
  • To enhance customer experience, to launch targeted ads on digital signage
  • To organize an instant and safe pass through checkpoints or provide access to corporate networks for your customers and employees. Ensure access security with the latest 3DiVi anti-spoofing system.
  • To pay for goods in retail stores using face biometrics. OMNI Platform algorithms can be successfully executed on payment terminals, as well as in any cash register systems.

  • To provide remote face registration and authorization with liveness check from any device, equipped with a camera (desktop, smartphone).
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Technology behind OMNI Platform

11 Years of R&D and Innovation

3DiVi is internationally known in human recognition and tracking API/SDK market for two commercially successful products - Nuitrack SDK (a popular alternative to Microsoft Kinect SDK, licensed by Intel, Orbbec, LG and others) and Face Recognition SDK top-ranked in NIST FRVT.
These products enable system integrators and software suppliers to create industry-specific human recognition solutions for smart city, smart enterprise, IoT, biometrics, security, retail, robotics, healthcare projects, etc.
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