AI Computer Vision
3D body (skeletal) tracking middleware
Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
Scalable API for facial
and body recognition
Advanced face liveness detection for digital onboarding and KYC
AI video analytics platform
for human activity recognition
Machine learning framework
for computer vision
Edge AI hardware
for face and body tracking

How Face Recognition Can be Used in Smart / Safe City?

3DiVi software is capable to process video streams from hundreds of cameras providing valuable AI real-time insights and identify people, suspicious behavior and emergency situations.
Recognition accuracy confirmed
< 1 s
Time to find a match in the list of 50,000,000 faces
10 ms
Minimum time to extract a face biometric template

AI Video Analytics Enhances Public Space Safety

  • Public order
    Identification of criminals known from databases and inter-camera tracking of their routes. Instant alarming when dangerous items (weapons, unattended bags, etc.) or criminal situations (fights, assaults, robberies) come in the cameras' field of view.
  • Search for criminals
    Search for criminals in a crowd in real-time or in archived videos.
  • Safety & security of strategic facilities
    Monitoring of transport, energy and industrial facilities, shopping malls and office buildings to prevent potentially dangerous situations in real time. Detection of already known criminals, potentially dangerous objects and situations.
  • Safety at public events
    Monitoring of people’s behavior at mass events, detection of criminals and persons behaving suspiciously in real time. Reliable, fast and convenient access control by face (including the remote registration).


3DiVi products allow state security services and private security companies to ensure public order and security both in street spaces and premises of any size.
  • State security services
    Ensuring public order and preventing illegal actions. Search for criminals and reducing the overall crime rates at separate districts.
  • Private security companies
    Ensuring security of persons, material and informational resources at the entrusted facilities. Improvement of verification procedure for persons who get access to material values or VIPs.
  • Enterprise security services
    Reliable and secure ACS. Prevention of emergency situations. Fraud detection among employees. Improving discipline at the enterprise. Monitoring the compliance with official regulations and occupational safety.


  • High-speed and accurate identification
    Thanks to AI-based proprietary technology 3DiVi algorithms identify a person or a situation in less than 0.5 s. Accuracy of algorithms is confirmed by NIST.
  • Effectiveness in any circumstances
    3DiVi algorithms recognize a person by face and integrate with any cameras placed in the dark or in the bright light, indoors or outdoors.
  • Instant reaction to events
    3DiVi algorithms analyze video streams in real-time mode. When any significant event occurs, they send a signal to an operator or security service and record it in a report.
  • Flexible adaptation to any customer’s needs
    Processing video streams from any types of cameras. Integration with any information systems via a convenient and well-documented API.

Success Stories

  • Face recognition of blacklisted visitors in casinos
    Omnigo Software
  • Adding face recognition to video management system (VMS)
  • KYC Liveness and Anti-spoofing for Digital Identity
    Mobile-Technologies Inc.
  • Adding face recognition to the national APFIS biometric system
    Papillon APFIS
  • Providing audience analytics to digital signage CMS
    Unique Technologies
  • Access control system with 3D face recognition terminals
    Papillon ACS
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