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3DiVi Biometric Anti-fraud (BAF)

Introducing a multi-factor biometric solution for user authorization and self-registration, equipped with robust fraud protection (anti-fraud elements).
3DiVi has crafted a powerful multi-factor biometric solution for user authorization and self-registration, fortified with fraud protection (anti-fraud elements) - the 3DiVi Biometric Anti-fraud (BAF). Drawing from proven technology and the company's extensive experience in verification, face recognition, and liveness testing, 3DiVi BAF stands as a testament to security and reliability.
Streamline a swift and dependable user registration and authorization process with anti-fraud checks using 3DiVi BAF. It's built upon 3DiVi's tried-and-true, NIST FRVT-validated software components: Liveness, Verification, and Matching. To further bolster the reliability of checks, session analysis is employed. This involves analyzing data from the user's environment to generate risk alerts.
Receive immediate notifications about triggered anti-fraud risks. Seamlessly integrate 3DiVi BAF into your web or mobile application with an intuitive API and web components.

Select the optimal scenario for deploying 3DiVi BAF:

  • Selfie Only
  • Selfie + Login Details
  • Selfie + Authorization Data + Document Photo

Additional features include:

  • Checking against "blacklists", imposing restrictions during registration and authorization for undesirable users.
  • Document recognition.
  • Photo quality assessment.
  • Verification of document authenticity.
Administer 3DiVi BAF via a dedicated dashboard, allowing for risk log documentation and system access configuration.
3DiVi BAF facilitates the swift integration of a turnkey onboarding solution (remote user registration) using both a document and a selfie for your website or application.
Explore the capabilities of registration and authorization checks now:
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