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Obtaining Facial Images from Regular Cameras in Hikvision Format: Benefits & Strategies

We discover two scenarios when it's necessary to convert regular cameras into "smart" ones to obtain facial images in Hikvision iDS series IS API format:

  1. When integrating new smart Hikvision cameras into a project, but still having plenty of well-functioning older cameras that you'd like to utilize for facial image capture.
  2. When smart Hikvision cameras are already deployed in a project, along with software developed for processing facial images, but purchasing new cameras becomes unfeasible due to sanctions.


  • Buy regular cameras without AI algorithms or utilize existing ones.
  • Install OMNI Agent 2.7.0 and connect regular cameras to it.
  • Activate facial data transmission from OMNI Agent in Hikvision format to a server already configured to work with smart cameras.
Costs for 10 cameras

  • $3,500: 10 cameras + video processing server
  • $4,000: OMNI Agent for 10 cameras
  • $500: Software deployment and setup


  • The 3DiVi solution is optimal for expanding an existing project with 10-50 cameras.
  • Utilizing existing regular cameras reduces the cost per stream by 15%.
  • When purchasing new cameras, the total cost per stream using OMNI Agent is only 5% higher than the cost per stream on smart cameras. However, this is offset by the absence of development costs and allows you to quickly meet the needs of scaling your system, using a unified approach to further facial image processing.
  • For significant project expansions exceeding 100 cameras, it's more cost-effective to completely overhaul the architecture and transition to cheaper face identification solutions, such as OMNI Platform.

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