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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
3DiVi News

Omni Platform 1.12.0 Released

3DiVi Inc. released Omni Platform 1.12.0, a facial recognition client-server platform for processing multiple real-time video streams. The platform detects, tracks and identifies faces, silhouettes, triggers notifications in real time and saves the human activity history.

What's New


  • Added a trial period for using OMNI Platform;
  • Added a searchInActivities query to search for a person by activities;
  • Added automatic deletion of activities at the end of their lifetime (TTL).

Web Interface

  • Added advanced settings in the Agent web interface:
- Body detection;
- Face detection;
- Estimation of age and gender;
- Mask detection;
- Estimation of emotions.
  • Added the ability to create additional text fields for profiles and cameras.
  • Added a separate page for Cameras.
  • Bugs fixed.


  • Added the ability to deploy the Platform on top of a ready-made cluster;
  • Updated versions of used tools and libraries;
  • The calendar for choosing the date of birth in the profile card has been brought to the same view as the filter calendar;
  • The Agent web interface has been updated, the performance of the web interface has been improved.
NOTE: This version of OMNI Platform uses OMNI Agent v2.2.0 and Face SDK v3.17.0

About Omni Platfrom

Omni Platform is a scalable facial recognition platform able to detect and identify faces, bodies, skeletal joints across multiple camera streams with top accuracy in real time.
The platform is compatible with all types of cameras and devices and can be used to meet state, business and private needs.