AI Computer Vision
Protect access to your workplace with facial security
3D body (skeletal) tracking middleware
Edge AI hardware
for face and body tracking
Facial recognition platform for video processing
Advanced face liveness detection for digital onboarding and KYC
Scalable fasial recognition API for on-pream or AWS cloud deployment
Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
3DiVi News

Meet VicoVR at AWE USA 2016

VicoVR will be exhibited at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara (California) June 1-2.
You can try our game changing wireless full body motion sensor for Mobile Virtual Reality in VR Hall.
AWE USA ‘16 is the world’s largest conference and vendor exhibition for professionals focused on making the world more interactive—featuring technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, wearable computing, smart glasses, gesture and sensor devices, and the Internet of Things.
Learn more about VicoVR: Currently on Indiegogo!
Reach to for a meetup.