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3DiVi and CorpSoft24 Set to Launch Advanced Security Products in North African and Middle Eastern Markets

June 2024 — Russian technology leaders CorpSoft24 and 3DiVi are poised to introduce their cutting-edge software solutions to the markets of North Africa and the Middle East (MENA region) in the latter half of 2024. This strategic expansion marks a significant step in their global growth ambitions.

The flagship offering in this market entry is a sophisticated biometric security system designed to safeguard workstations and applications from unauthorized access. This system, a collaborative innovation between CorpSoft24 and 3DiVi, integrates advanced facial recognition technology.

Ivan Bolgar, Business Development Director at CorpSoft24, highlighted the key component of the system: "Our solution leverages 3DiVi’s Face SDK, renowned for its exceptional accuracy and identification speed. Its cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) and support for various video recording devices have already earned it acclaim from both Russian and international clients."

The biometric system operates by continuously monitoring the user via the camera and verifying their identity against the account holder’s registered face. In the event of a security incident, CorpSoft24’s Biometric Protection Service triggers actions such as locking the screen or workstation and capturing a photo of the potential intruder.

Scheduled for release in North African and Middle Eastern markets in late 2024, this initiative aims to broaden the companies' market reach and foster new partnerships, paving the way for future projects.

Konstantin Renzyaev, CEO of CorpSoft24, expressed optimism about the venture: "The past year and a half has seen a streamlined process for IT companies entering Asian and African markets, bolstered by government support. We foresee substantial growth and development opportunities for our company internationally and believe our innovative biometric solutions will secure a strong presence on the global stage."

Market analysis by Mordor Intelligence projects the global biometric solutions market to reach $51.15 billion by 2024, with expectations to grow to $104.22 billion by 2029, reflecting an average annual growth rate of 15.30%.

Furthermore, recent research by CorpSoft24 indicates a rising demand for workplace and corporate application security systems in the MENA region.

Andrey Valik, CEO of 3DiVi, commented on the trend: "The increasing demand for biometric technologies worldwide is evident. African and Middle Eastern countries are actively partnering with Russian developers to enhance their digital infrastructure, moving away from Western-dominated solutions and accelerating their IT competency development."

This launch underscores 3DiVi and CorpSoft24's commitment to delivering innovative security solutions and strengthening their international market presence.

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