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Detecting Unauthorized Persons When Working with Critical Equipment.


Alerting about unauthorized individuals or employees without permit in the critical or hazardous equipment work zones.

  1. Deploy the face identification software OMNI Platform in AWS or GKE. Then add faces of authorized personnel to the database via the dashboard.
  2. Set up a local server for video analytics processing in the work zone and install OMNI Agent software on it.
  3. Place IP cameras in the work zone. Connect RTSP camera streams to OMNI Agent for real-time monitoring. Enable sending of non-identification events.
  4. View a list of non-identified individuals in the dashboard filtered by OMNI Agent used (if multiple work zones are connected), or develop an app to send notifications to security personnel/responsible persons via messengers or email.


  • Reducing the risk of equipment downtime and repair costs due to unqualified operation. According to Siemens, one hour of downtime costs $39,000, but in certain sectors of the economy (such as the automotive industry), it can reach up to $2,000,000.
  • Mitigating losses on accident compensation. As per the National Safety Council (USA), the average payout for workplace injuries amounts to $1,100 per each worker.
  • Gathering safety violation statistics for prompt corrective action. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, penalties from labor protection services can be as high as $16,000 for each identified violation.


  • $5,000: Costs for OMNI Platform and OMNI Agent software
  • $8,500: Expenditure on 4 cameras and a video analytics server
  • $6,000: Annual cloud platform maintenance costs
  • $500: Deployment and training expenses

Total: $20,000

Implementation time: 1 month.

Conclusion: Preventing even just one accident or major breakdown fully justifies the system costs.

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