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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
3DiVi News

Meet Nuidroid at ComputeX and E3 2014

3DiVi company will demo Nuidroid, 3D gesture recognition extension to Android at Computex in Taipei, on June, 3-7, in cooperation with Etron Technology, and at E3 in Los Angeles on June 10-12, in cooperation with Orbbec.
Demo list:
  • Nuidroid Body. Kinect-like gaming on Android device.
  • Nuidroid ADS. Face analytics solution for Android-based digital signage
  • Nuidroid Fusion. Markerless avatar animation for Android-based Virtual Reality HMD.
“Sales revenue of motion controlled games is already close to $2B at traditional hardware platforms. We strongly believe in the great market opportunity for 3D motion tracking at Android ecosystem as well: from Kinect-like games in living room to audience detection and analytics in digital signage. We are looking for OEMs and platform owners interested to leverage their products with NUI capabilities.”
- Dmitry Morozov, 3DiVi Company Business Development Director.
Request meeting at Computex or E3:


Nuidroid is a 3D gesture recognition extension for Android developed by 3DiVi Company that brings Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities to the new generation of Android devices and embedded systems: from game consoles and Smart TVs now, to robots, later.


Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless integrated circuits design and product company founded in 1991 and specializing in semiconductor memories and system chips. In Taiwan’s “National Sub-micron Project” from the early 1990s, Etron participated in architecting, pioneering, and developing Taiwan’s first 8-inch sub-micron wafer, thus establishing a solid foundation for the fabless, foundry, SRAM, and DRAM industries which have transformed Taiwan into a major semiconductor powerhouse. As a publicly traded company headquartered in Taiwan and focused on bridging the Asia-Pacific and the global markets, Etron is producing a variety of IC products, including buffer memories, USB3.0 host controllers and flash memory controllers, USB power delivery devices, gesture control ICs, PCIE-Gen3 Switch ICs, and others.


ORBBEC CO., LTD is formed by a group of young scientists from US, Canada, Singapore and China who specify in 3D technologies. The primary goal of ORBBEC is to industrialize 3D sensor, supporting software and applications thus eventually bring 3D into every home. Orbbec has successfully developed its own 3D sensor (including the optical system as well as the computational chip) which can handle HD resolution depth image with a merely 30ms latency. Such high performance sensors are specially useful in long distance gesture control and high quality 3D reconstruction. Future products of Orbbec will include an embedded version of the high performance sensor for smaller electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones.


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