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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
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3DiVi and Orbbec partner to launch recognition and tracking software into the next generation

On the heels of the Apple’s recent face ID software announcement, two major players in the 3D facial recognition industry have partnered to provide companies and consumers with enhanced face tracking technology.
On September 7th, 2017, leading 3D computer vision software development company 3DiVi partnered with Orbbec Inc., a leading depth sensor manufacturing company, to bring 3D full body and face tracking technology to consumer and corporate markets.
3DiVi, creator of virtual reality mapping device, VicoVR, strives to bring tracking technology into the next generation with their skeletal tracking software Nuitrack and their top-ranked face recognition SDK. As a result of collaboration, Nuitrack and 3DiVi face SDK will be optimized for Orbbec’s depth cameras while Orbbec will contribute to hardware improvement and optimization.
Find more information about 3DiVi Body Tracking SDK Nuitrack here:
The companies announced they will be delivering their next generation depth sensing solutions to a multitude of new platforms, including smartphones, TV, IoT and robotics verticals, with a focus on Android and other B2B products. Deliverables to these will include:
  • 3D face recognition software for Android smartphones.
  • Interactive Android Computer.
  • Human telepresence capture solution for Android AR/VR (Holopresense).
About 3DiVi Inc. (
Founded in 2011, 3DiVi is a privately-owned computer vision company headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. In 2016, 3DiVi successfully crowdfunded a campaign for their full motion VR mobile gaming system: They are known for their facial recognition software, 3DiVi Face SDK, which has been featured on many big industry projects, and their skeletal tracking software Nuitrack.
The NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test 2017 recognized 3DiVi face recognition algorithm as the world’s fastest recognition software.
About Orbbec Inc. (
Orbbec 3D, founded in 2013, is the largest depth camera manufacturer in Asia. During the past four years, Orbbec has delivered a variety of depth cameras to different industries worldwide Keeping their mission to create intelligent technologies for every human, everywhere in mind, Orbbec strives to ensure their 3D cameras offer the best accuracy, range, resolution and responsiveness.
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