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Integrating biometric anti-fraud measures is crucial

Who should consider integrating biometrics technology, including liveness detection, into their products and how Biometric Anti-fraud can help?
  • Educational Institutions: With the rise of remote service delivery, the education sector is not exempt. Today, millions take exams and defend scientific degrees from the comfort of their homes. However, ensuring the integrity of these processes poses a challenge. How can one verify the identity of the individual on the other end of the screen or confirm that it's not a photo being used? This is where liveness detection (and BAF) can provide crucial control.
  • Telemedicine: Although COVID-19 may be behind us, new challenges are inevitable. While remote medical services aren't yet ubiquitous, their adoption is increasing. However, fraud remains a concern. Fraudsters exploit biometric data to deceive medical institutions, obtaining free consultations or insurance payments. This is where antifraud measures become indispensable.
  • Telecommunication: Fraudsters routinely exploit telecommunication technologies, issuing SIM cards and falsifying biometric data for criminal activities. Unfortunately, operators often struggle to react promptly. However, proactive measures at the outset can prevent such incidents.

These are just a few examples of sectors where integrating biometric anti-fraud measures is crucial, in our view.
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