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Balancing Convenience and Security: Who holds the scale?

- A staggering 85% of adults worldwide prioritize enhancing online privacy.

- 71% of global adults have actively taken measures to safeguard their online privacy, according to a Norton study.

The persistent challenge in cyberspace is that heightened security might compromise convenience, while lax security can jeopardize sensitive information. A cursory Google search for this dilemma offers a gamut of insights, from statistics to suggestions.

The key question is: Who should strike this delicate balance? Most resources advocate for the system owner to decide, given it's their domain and responsibility.

However, does the owner's stance on information security always align with the user's perspective? A quick survey among friends delivered an expected answer – NO, alignment isn't always present.

So, what's the takeaway from this plethora of information, you might wonder? Our response: Empower clients with security control!

Consider this real-life scenario: In a recent pilot project at a bank, we introduced biometric authentication to the mobile app. The innovation? We allowed customers to personally designate actions within their accounts needing biometric confirmation.

Result? Over 70% of users in the test group opted for additional verification. Most reinforced money transfer limits (over 50% added it to all transfers). Yet, a significant portion also safeguarded account balances and transactions with extra verification.

Bottom line? Stop treating customers like novices! They're independent adults. Equip them with tools, and they'll be your allies.

Seeking ally customers? We have a solution: BAF. The heart of your authorization.

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