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Saving Tigers with Face Recognition

Exciting breakthrough in #TigerConservation! Thrilled to share the groundbreaking work achieved by leveraging 3DiVi Face SDK in collaboration with the global community and states protecting the Amur tiger population. an automated system for identifying and safeguarding these majestic creatures has been successfully developed.

Objectives of the project:

- Develop a system to identify tigers using images from 5,000 trap cameras

- Enable animal passporting

- Automate collection of time/location data for studying migration flows


1. Tiger Identification by Stripes: 3DiVi Face SDK was utilized to encode and analyze the unique transverse black stripes on a yellow-brown coat, accurately identifying each tiger. This natural feature forms a complex pattern, ensuring individual distinctiveness.

2. Tiger Identification by Head Exterior: tiger full-face images were successfully encoded and searched by locating pupils' centers to achieve exceptional identification accuracy.

Results & Benefits:

The implementation of refined algorithms, holds great promise in creating a multibiometric system for automated census and identification of the Amur tiger population.

With this system operators can now:

1. Maintain comprehensive tiger records, including photos from registration and trap cameras.

2. Identify tigers based on their unique skin patterns and distinct head features.

3. Access critical information on migration, habitat, and behavior, significantly aiding conservation efforts.

4. This system empowers scientists and specialists, enabling the processing of vast amounts of data within minimal timeframes and reducing the need for extensive human resources. With just one or two operators, significant progress can be achieved. Join the conversation on wildlife conservation and cutting-edge technology. Together, we can protect the Amur tigers and make a lasting impact