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Face Forward: Analyzing the Global Representation in NIST’s Latest FRVT Update!

#NIST recently released an update to their FRVT (Face Recognition Vendor Test) 1:1 Verification rankings. While there’s no drastic change in leadership, there’s a notable trend among leading companies in improving their results across datasets, aiming to create universal libraries.

What really caught our eye was the international representation! 🌍

  • Since the beginning of 2023, 14 new companies made their debut in the rankings.
  • The UK led with 3 companies, followed by AE, KR, and the US, each with two.
  • For the first time, we see an algorithm from Uzbekistan!

Some insights from 3DiVi Inc. CCO Mikhaylo Pavlyuk: 🧐

1. Major companies with significant resources are joining the race.

2. Interestingly, some new entrants from AE made it to the TOP 5, demonstrating the global competition heating up.

3. Banks are back in the game! They submitted algorithms around 4 years ago, and I'm curious about their renewed interest.

4. Surprisingly, the City and County of Honolulu is participating. Given the complex legislative landscape in the US, this is unexpected and exciting.

5. Facial recognition technology is evolving fast, and it's thrilling to see this diversity and innovation.