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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
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3DiVi company to speak at TGM2012

3DiVi will present technology that combines the best features of MS Kinect and PS Move for gaming and smart home at Touch Gesture Motion 2012 Conference (Austin, TX).
3DiVi will present technology that combines the best features of MS Kinect and PS Move for gaming and smart home at Touch Gesture Motion 2012 Conference (Austin, TX).
The technology allows to detect an exact location of a motion controller or just any smartphone with inertial sensors in front of a depth sensor. In other words, it is the fusion of functionality of Microsoft Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move controllers. It works by matching the motion data from inertial sensors of a smartphone to motion data of user hands based on skeletal tracking. With the help of the technology the new kind of applications for hardcore gaming and smart home control can be created.
“There are certain advantages and disadvantages relating to control approach based on depth sensor (skeletal tracking) and motion remote control.” - says Dmitry Morozov, Business Development Director. - “Our technology is an ideal solution for applications that need the best of each approach. Imagine, being able to precisely control a sword in addition to your avatar in a game, or control a smart home appliance by simply pointing your iPhone at it.”
About TGM 2012
Touch Gesture Motion Conference 2012 (TGM 2012) is one of the leading international events dedicated to the latest achievements in natural and touch UI technologies, supported by Intel and Embedded Vision Alliance. It features a structured balance of in-depth content covering "touch" technologies on the first day and "gesture& motion" technologies on the second day. No other touch conference has drilled down into the technologies and applications that are enabling the emerging field of gesture & motion control.
About 3DiVi Company
3DiVi Company develops 3D computer vision hardware and software for industrial and consumer products including next generation gaming platforms, biometric systems, robotics, etc. The company works in several directions: development of HD 3D sensor reference design and gesture recognition middleware “Nuidroid”; research in hardware acceleration for embedded vision applications. 3DiVi has three development teams in Russia and a representative office in Sunnyvale (USA).