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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
3DiVi News

New Face SDK 3.22 Release!

On 16 May we released 3DiVi Face SDK 3.22 and it's super important for Java and Flutter developers. Here are our new features in order from less important to more important:
1. We added auxiliary functions for reading and converting images. Now it's more convenient to work with Processing Blocks API.
2. We added Processing Blocks support for Java! It means that now Java developers can use our latest methods. Including latest Liveness Detection methods and amazing Quality Assessment algorithm.
3. As part of the Flutter API, we've added isolates support for most of the relevant SDK modules. Check out how it works!
Check out how it works!
Isolates allow us to do a lot of different things asynchronously. In gif above we see test application that performs some processing, including:
  • face Detection and Tracking
  • drawing the face bbox
  • quality Assessment
  • liveness check in case the image quality is above a certain threshold.

In case we don't use isolates, there are many freezes and lags. But if we enable isolates, making minimal changes in the code, we get a much smoother and stable performance of the application. For reference, these examples were recorded using Google Pixel 3.