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Biometric Anti-fraud Can Prevent Identity Fraud

Today we bring to your attention a matter involving biometric fraud within the realm of medical services.

Situation: Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals find themselves under quarantine, leading some medical facilities to transition to remote service provision. Accessing consultations became as simple as reaching out to the appropriate physician through the hospital's online platform.

Problem: Regrettably, it emerged that gaining entry into personal accounts was alarmingly easy to manipulate. Fraudsters gleaned pertinent information from socialmedia platforms. With access secured, these criminals proceeded to communicate with specialists, fabricating ailments for themselves. Shockingly, one perpetrator even obtained medical insurance valued at $7000, all while the genuine patient remained oblivious to the illicit medical assistance sought on their behalf.

Possible Solution: Recognizing the impracticality of doctors personally identifying all their patients, instituting a biometric anti-fraud system within the facility's authorization process emerges as a viable solution. Biometric Anti-Fraud (BAF) offers a web component facilitating seamless integration into your website or service's personal account, catering to such scenarios.

The ramifications of such fraudulent activities are most acutely felt by the already burdened healthcare workers, especially amidst the pandemic. Encouragingly, swift action was taken to expose the scheme, prompting the hospital to fortify authentication measures within personal accounts.

BAF — The heart of your authorization!