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Face SDK unlocks new potentials of handheld biometrics terminal

3DiVi Face SDK brings Face Recognition to various platforms and devices. But recently we encountered an interesting use case involving the TPS 360 portable biometric terminal from telpo. Equipped with a camera, a fingerprint scanner, and an ID (Identity Card) Reader, this device proved to be a good match for our technology.

With the help of the 3DiVi Face SDK, our partners were able to extend the functionality of the TPS 360 by incorporating face verification capabilities in less than a month. The resulting solution is simple yet profoundly efficient.
How It Works:
  • Insertion of ID Card: The user inserts an ID card into the TPS 360 terminal.
  • Photo Capture: The terminal's camera captures a photo of the user.
  • Biometric Template Creation: Biometric templates are generated from the images captured by the camera and the ID card.
  • Template Comparison: These templates are then compared to verify the user's identity.

This successful integration of the 3DiVi Face SDK with the TPS 360 demonstrates the potential of bringing facial recognition capabilities to a wide range of devices. We invite you to explore how the 3DiVi Face SDK can revolutionize your hardware solutions.
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