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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
3DiVi News

Omni Platform 11.1.0 Released

3DiVi Inc. released Omni Platform 11.1.0, a multi-object video analytics platform for face and silhouette recognition.
The new version of Omni Platform uses OMNI Agent v2.1.0 and Face SDK v3.17.0 and offers several new features and improvements.

What's New

  • Image API updated to v1.1.1;
  • Added support of graphics cards of 30 series and higher for Image API and OMNI Platform;
  • Added support of new improved identification algorithms (method12).
The update also includes known error and bug fixes.

About Omni Platform

Omni Platform is a cloud and on-premise deployment solution that offers a variety of features, including multi-camera human activity tracking, face identification and verification, anonymous mode, recognition of gender, age, emotions, and other facial attributes, face liveness detector, and customizable dashboards for analytics.
The platform detects, tracks and identifies faces and silhouettes, triggers notifications on them in real-time, and saves human activity history. With the new improvements in version 11.1.0, Omni Platform is now more efficient and accurate in recognizing and tracking faces and silhouettes.

Omni Platform Key Features

  • Multi camera human activity tracking
  • Face identification and verification
  • Anonymous mode - the system doesn't store face images to ensure personal data protection
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment
  • Recognition of gender, age, emotions and other facial attributes
  • Face liveness detector

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