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3DiVi News

New OMNI Agent 2.8.0 Release!

We are excited to announce the release of OMNI Agent 2.8.0, bringing you enhanced facial recognition features and greater integration flexibility and more security features. Here’s what’s new:
  • facial concealment detection
OMNI Agent can now identify instances where individuals attempt to hide their faces (by turning away or using scarves, hats, glasses, or masks) while passing through controlled areas. This feature ensures quick responses to evasion attempts and helps compile statistics on such breaches in workforce time management systems.
  • webhook event notifications
Events can now be sent via webhooks directly from OMNI Agent. No longer limited to OMNI Platform database, this feature offers flexibility for seamless integration with client infrastructures.
  • customizable HAR events
Enable or disable specific HAR events (falls, fights, sitting, lying) and customize the confident detection time for each. This ensures you receive only precise and relevant alerts tailored to your needs.

Discover how these new features can benefit your security and workforce management systems >