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Dead or Alive? How Often Do You Check Up Your Biometric System?

Nobody doubts that regular planned medical diagnostics has become a routine. Depending on how careful a person is he or she “checks up” health with some certain regularity. But how often do you check up on your biometric system?
Images in your biometric database are like apples in a basket. What happens if a rotten apple somehow appears in it? - The whole bunch will be spoiled soon.
So why not check your biometric database up regularly to prevent losses that can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars? (Check this article for more information).

Check up your biometric system FOR FREE with these 3 simple steps in just 3 days!

Step 1

Reach us out with a checkup request and get a free QAA tool and instructions on how you can check your biometric image DB.

Step 2

Follow the instructions to determine the size of your DB and check your system “health”. The QAA tool will export a report to a CSV file.

Step 3

Send us the CSV and get a full report on the quality of your DB and the recommendations on the next steps to perform.

Request your free checkup tool by simply fulfilling this form.