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3DiVi Inc., founded in 2011, is one of the leading developers of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies for computer vision.
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World's first Android game controlled with 3D gestures at CES 2014

Experience touchless body motion control on Android at CES 2014! 3DiVi Company and Etron Technology, Inc. unveil WheelRush, a popular game for Android now controlled with 3D gestures, powered by Etron Tech’s eSP870 Gesture/Body Motion Control ICs and Nuidroid 3D gesture-recognition middleware.
Etron’s eSP870 ICs with Nuidroid middleware are what bring 3D perception capabilities and body motion control to a new generation of Android-based game consoles and Smart TVs. This technology sets an example of how easily any existing Android game can be enhanced with body motion control.
“Sales revenues for motion controlled games are already close to $2B on traditional hardware platforms. We strongly believe in great market opportunities for 3D motion tracking in the Android ecosystem - from body-motion-controlled games in the living room to audience detection and analytics in digital signage. We are excited to bring 3D gesture-recognition capabilities to Android and are looking for OEMs and platform owners interested in enhancing their products with NUI capabilities. The good news is that our solution is Android ecosystem friendly - application developers will be able to easily add motion control to any existing Android application.” – says Dmitry Morozov, Business Development Director at 3DiVi Company.
“As a look into the coming year’s Gesture/Motion Recognition Control technologies, Etron exhibits its latest eSP870 Gesture/Body Motion Control ICs at the show. With uniquely competitive cost, low power, and small form factors, Etron’s eSP870 enable the rapid incorporation of gesture/body motion control and 3D video/image capture functionality into the newest and most exciting applications. Etron’s ICs realize full range recognition for all kinds of applications: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, personal computers, notebooks, TVs and other emerging technologies.” – says Dr. Ben Wu, Vice President at Etron Technology.


The popularity of 3D image capture, motion recognition, and display technology is growing rapidly, but the underlying technology is complicated and hardware prices are high. SoC technologies enable cost reductions and deeper penetration of applications into the consumer market. Etron’s eSP870 Gesture/Body Motion Control ICs and Eagle Eyes platform make their debut as new enablers of Gesture/Motion Recognition Control technology. The eSP870 is a SoC product line for visual applications with a unique design that offers high performance and low cost, creating competitiveness for Etron in the 3D gesture/body motion control market.


Nuidroid is a 3D gesture recognition extension for Android developed by 3DiVi Company that brings Natural User Interface (NUI) capabilities to the new generation of Android devices and embedded systems: from game consoles and Smart TVs now, to robots, later.


Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless integrated circuits design and product company founded in 1991 and specializing in semiconductor memories and system chips. In Taiwan’s “National Sub-micron Project” from the early 1990s, Etron participated in architecting, pioneering, and developing Taiwan’s first 8-inch sub-micron wafer, thus establishing a solid foundation for the fabless, foundry, SRAM, and DRAM industries which have transformed Taiwan into a major semiconductor powerhouse. As a publicly traded company headquartered in Taiwan and focused on bridging the Asia-Pacific and the global markets, Etron is producing a variety of IC products, including buffer memories, USB3.0 host controllers and flash memory controllers, USB power delivery devices, gesture control ICs, PCIE-Gen3 Switch ICs, and others.


3DiVi Company is a 3D intelligence company that develops computer vision solutions for applications in consumer and industrial products including next generation gaming platforms, Smart TVs, biometric systems and robots. 3DiVi Company is the subsidiary of Papillon Systems, one of the world's leading biometrics company, and is financed by the Skolkovo Foundation.
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