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3000 Missing Children Found in 4 Days with Facial Recognition

In a heartwarming success story that happened 5 years ago, a facial recognition system helped reunite missing children with their families in New Delhi, India.

Over a 4-day period, the system scanned 45,000 photos of children from childcare institutions and identified 2,930 as missing, enabling police to begin the process of reuniting them with their families.

"We have around 200,000 missing children, and around 90,000 children are in different childcare institutions," a representative from Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) told The Better India, an Indian news website. "It is practically impossible to manually check their photographs and match them."

Fast forward to 2024, and facial recognition technology has advanced further. 3DiVi's OMNI Platform facial recognition system can match faces not only from photos but also from video footage captured by city cameras – on the streets, in public spaces, entertainment venues, and shopping malls.

This is achieved through support for large databases (millions of faces), highly accurate recognition algorithms (top-ranked by NIST), a flexible distributed architecture, and expert support for camera selection and placement.
Upload a 10-minute video from your cameras to the free OMNI VideoExpertise service to check the cameras’ suitability for facial recognition and get setup recommendations.
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