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3DiVi Face SDK 3.18.0 Released - Now With CUDA 11 and Updated Flutter Support

The latest version includes several significant improvements that will enhance your development experience and provide more robust and efficient face recognition capabilities.

What's new in 3DiVi Face SDK 3.18.0?

CUDA 11 Support:

This new version of the 3DiVi Face SDK now includes support for CUDA 11. This update leverages the power of CUDA 11 to accelerate parallel computing, ensuring higher performance and faster processing times. Developers can now build and deploy advanced face recognition applications on devices with CUDA-enabled GPUs, maximizing the efficiency and performance of their software.

Updated Flutter API Documentation:

We're also introducing the addition of Flutter API documentation in this release. This comprehensive documentation will guide developers on how to use the Flutter API in conjunction with the 3DiVi Face SDK. Whether you're new to Flutter or an experienced developer, this documentation will provide you with the necessary knowledge to integrate the Face SDK smoothly into your Flutter applications.
Check out our updated documentation

Updated Flutter Support:

We're also happy to announce that this version of the SDK supports Flutter versions from 3.3.0 up to 3.10.0. This wide range of compatibility allows developers working on various versions of Flutter to benefit from the SDK's powerful capabilities.
This release includes bug fixes and enhancements aimed at improving the stability and performance of the SDK. These updates ensure that developers can use the 3DiVi Face SDK with even greater confidence, delivering reliable and high-performing face recognition solutions.
We appreciate the feedback we receive from our community, which significantly contributes to the continued improvement of our software. As we strive to deliver the best face recognition technology in the market, we invite you to explore the potential of the newly released 3DiVi Face SDK 3.18.0.
Stay tuned for more updates, and happy developing!

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