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Is Your Face the Key to Better Education? Unlocking the Potential of Biometrics 🗝️📚

The landscape of higher education has been undergoing rapid changes in recent years, and the pace shows no signs of slowing down. A recent article titled "The Biggest Challenges facing Higher Education in 2022/2023" outlined several pressing issues that educational institutions must tackle. We think facial biometrics can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges.

Challenge 1: Digital Transformation

The accelerated adoption of digital technologies has been one of the most complex events in education. Building the "campus of the future" requires reprofiling existing infrastructure and focusing on digital tools.
👁️ Facial Biometrics Solution: Imagine a future where campus doors open based on facial recognition instead of locks and cards. Security is enhanced with blacklist systems, and vending machines and cafés offer face-based payments.

Challenge 2: Hybrid and Blended Learning

The new educational model incorporates a mix of online and in-person experiences.
👁️ Facial Biometrics Solution: Your face can serve as the most convenient "key" for both online and offline identification. This enables seamless access to classes, attendance tracking, and database access in a hybrid learning environment.

Challenge 3: Focus on Applied Learning and Employability

Both students and employers are demanding more practical work experience from graduates.
👁️ Facial Biometrics Solution: The growing biometrics market offers ample opportunities. Integrating practical tasks related to facial recognition systems into curricula not only increases employability but also allows institutions to develop unique solutions for everyday life.

Challenge 4: Declining Student Retention and Completion Rates

This is a global issue affecting higher education institutions.
👁️ Facial Biometrics Solution: Behavioral biometrics is an underexplored area that could predict student burnout or those at risk of dropping out. Research in this area, coupled with emotion-tracking facial biometrics, could provide invaluable insights.
In summary, facial biometrics can offer innovative solutions to the evolving challenges in higher education. It's time for educational institutions to embrace this technology as a part of their digital transformation journey.

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