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Facial and body recognition library for server, mobile and embedded solutions
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🚀OMNI Platform v1.14.1 Released

OMNI Platform v1.14.1 is the latest iteration of our cutting-edge Facial Recognition Client-Server Platform designed for processing multiple real-time video streams with Amazon AWS and EKS support: for seamless integration and scale with Amazon's trusted cloud services. With this release, we're bringing you enhanced features, improved usability, and a more robust system overall.

What's New in v1.14.1?

  • Enhanced License Management: We've added a script for obtaining the LexFloatServer license status. This means you can now view your license status not just via the web interface, but also directly from the command line – giving you more flexibility and control.
  • Bug Fixes: We've squashed several bugs to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for all our users.

New to OMNI Platform?

If you haven't had the chance to experience the power and versatility of the OMNI Platform, now's the perfect time! Dive deep into its features and see what's new by visiting the OMNI Platform product page.
🌟 Plus, you can request a free test version to get a firsthand look at all it has to offer.

Dive Deeper

For a comprehensive breakdown of all the updates, enhancements, and fixes, check out the detailed Release Notes.
Thank you for being a part of our journey. We're committed to continuously improving and bringing you the best in facial recognition technology. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features in the future!

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