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Visual explanation of camera and image requirements for Safe City

When we discuss facial recognition within our Safe City projects, we frequently encounter challenges in explaining camera and image prerequisites to our clients. To enhance our communication and make it more impactful, we've developed visuals that effectively illustrate these requirements.

We're excited to share them with you!
Crowd density: maintain people flow density of less than 1 person per square meter.

Movement speed: people should move at a maximum of 5 km/h, excluding running or using a scooter/bicycle, etc.

Facial perspective: ensure that the angle and deviation of a person's face from the frontal position are within 15° vertically and 20° horizontally.

Daylight illumination: video should not have direct glare, and the primary light source should be positioned behind the camera. The optimal illumination begins at 200 lux, with an acceptable minimum of 50 lux.

Image resolution: capture images at a resolution ensuring that, at the working distance from the camera, the distance between the centers of the eyes in a facial image is at least 20 pixels.
Omni Platform is a scalable facial recognition platform able to detect and identify faces, bodies, skeletal joints across multiple camera streams with top accuracy in real time.

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