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Changing Targets in Cybercrime: How Scammers Now Prioritize Access to 'Client Cabinets

To effectively safeguard yourself, understanding attack patterns is crucial. Positive Technologies recently published a report highlighting current global information security threats, containing a wealth of valuable insights.

One notable revelation is that "Social engineering remains the primary threat (92%) to individuals." In Q3 2023, cybercriminals leveraged various social engineering avenues in successful attacks on individuals: phishing websites (54%), email (27%), socialmedia scams (19%), and instant messaging hoaxes (16%).

Interestingly, the primary goal for scammers has shifted. Card data no longer holds the top spot. Instead, data enabling access to various "client cabinets" accounts for 34%.

(Graph: Types of stolen data in successful attacks on individuals)

So, what's the best course of action? There are few choices: educate individuals about financial literacy and render the acquisition of such data meaningless by integrating elements of Zero Trust Architecture and adaptive multi-factor authentication.

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